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A Full Service Restoration Contractor

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Read about our work during police appreciation week for Anaheim Police Department!

Our Mission Statement

At APRIS, we are a 24/7/365 live voice emergency response company with an untouchable passion to help people in need. Everything we do inspires us to challenge the status quo and be better. We are a company of ordinary people driven to help ordinary people in need. We transition them from trauma and crises to everyday life. Our approach is calm and pure. For over 20 years we built homes as contractors; in just minutes disastrous experiences change lives. To our clients, “disasters” are big no matter the size, so we think differently. We replace fear with confidence and restore lives.


With over twenty years of construction experience, APRIS is a full service Trauma, Crime Scene Clean-up, Fire and Water Restoration Contractor here 24/7/365 with Quick Response vehicles located throughout the Inland Empire, Orange and Riverside counties. With our fully trained and certified technicians, you can rest assured any signs of what may have occurred will be completely, discreetly and safely eliminated from any affected area.


Our technicians are fully trained in biohazard decontamination, the removal of blood-borne pathogens detecting contaminants which cannot be detected with the naked eye. We use only the latest technology. We are fully certified trained and listed with the Department of Public Health as a Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioner.


Our Services

Crime & Trauma Clean-up / Fire Board-up Service / 24/7 Emergency Services / Insurance Carrier Certified for Water & Fire Restoration



Amdecon CTS Decontamination Remediation Specialists IICRC Certified – Water Damage Restoration Technician- IICRC Certified-Applied Structural Drying Technician IICRC Certified – (MOLD) Applied Microbial Remediation Technician Licensed B1 Contractor- (1997 to current) CSLB/HIC Certification- (1999 to current) Department of Business Regulation Insurance Division-Rhode Island-(2012)


AboutAt APRIS, We are all about bringing our customers and insurance professionals a fresh approach based on honestly and integrity. Having experienced damage and loss in their own homes and lives, the APRIS founders know what it’s like to have their own families disrupted due to loss. Bringing a family based background to the company, they saw the need to improve the loss experience and bring a more human touch when a loss occurs. With over 20 years of experience they decided to reinvent and perfect a company wh... Read More


For Water Damage

  • Remove any and all excess water within eyesight
  • Remove all wet upholstery
  • Remove all rugs from carpeting especially any with colored fabrics
  • Remove all pictures, art, valuables and knick-knack items to a dry safe place
  • Remove all loose items from floor
  • Remove any wet fabrics, clothing, jackets, and or blankets
  • Remove any books, magazines or newspapers to keep from spreading damage
  • DO NOT USE a household vacuum to soak up water; and
  • MOST IMPORTANT do not use any electrical appliances, lamps, computers or ceiling fixtures if the roof or ceiling is bowing, buckling, or leaking.