Full Service Restoration Contractor
About Us


We are all about bringing our customers and insurance professionals a fresh approach based on honestly and integrity. Having experienced damage and loss in their own homes and lives, the APRIS founders know what it’s like to have their own families disrupted due to loss. Bringing a family based background to the company, they saw the need to improve the loss experience and bring a more human touch when a loss occurs.  With over 20 years of experience they decided to reinvent and perfect a company which could fully educate its customers while making them feel safe while going through a loss or claim.Stock House
Therefore, they inspired each other to build the strongest company they could to restore the lives of families and to help return them to everyday life.

With over 20 years of combined, business, construction and investment experience, the company was founded to perfect a level of service and response like no other restoration company. With real hands on independent insurance adjusting, the President, wrote claims for families in hurricane Irene and Sandy. There he witnessed the necessity to improve customer relations well beyond the industry standard, therefore making sure every customer has a genuine understanding of the restoration experience. Simply put, the APRIS intention is to build the bridge to recovery and liaison between the customer and the carriers during their time of need.

Because we have the previous adjustor relationship with insurance carriers in our background, we can help, educate and rebuild our clients to become whole again.  As a final peace of mind, APRIS will help the uncertainties of who pays for the damage, by guarantying, that you will not pay for our service call.