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Kurt On Ron Siegel

Check out Kurt’s radio spot speaking on behalf of APRIS Fire and Water Restoration on Ron Siegel Radio ESPN and NBC New talk on KCAA. Listen while he has fun educating consumers related to the art of uncovering the Property Insurance Damage Restoration process as it relates to Recoverable Depreciation. […]

What Is Recoverable Depreciation

Property insurance as it relates to damage restoration comes with its own set of regulations within the property and casualty insurance realm of the home insurance industry. Restoration water damage being among the most common type of claims for property insurance coverage should be navigated so that the insured retains the maximum benefit from paying insurance premiums. While no one wants to go through […]

So You Think You Have A Flood

 At APRIS, our expert technicians are trained to take away the water restoration problems in anyone’s home or business and make the experience simple and easy with the least amount of stress possible. With over 20 years of hands-on construction experience, we really do know the inside of a home like a doctor knows a […]

The Coolest Looking Mold Among Us

Understanding how mold works should help eliminate fears of finding it. Here at APRIS, we do all we can to make mold go away with the least invasion possible. Our experts employ just the right amount of air testing and air scrubbing equipment to mitigate mold spores in any room while keeping it contained[…]