Full Service Restoration Contractor

It should be clearly noted that mold, mildew and other forms of unpleasant spores are a completely natural part of our everyday life. Actually many healthy remedies and natural food sources are either derived from or directly related to various types of mold. We live and breathe clearly with them in nature and in our dwellings. They surround us everywhere every day. The facts that mold breeds and spreads in moist environments are truly the key to understanding all the hype about various forms of mold and mildew related to interior mold growth. Yes, if left untreated mold can become a defined health risk in some cases. However, the real culprit with mold is time. Mold like any other investing species can creep, break down and destroy dwellings and otherwise clean environments. Understanding time being the key factor and it’s important to eradicate it as soon as it is located. Important fact to clearly understand is that mold can breed quickly and often leaks are not discovered as quickly as mold can breed because they are hidden at first. Unless it’s a sudden burst or obvious storm related even, mold usually grows before the leak reveals itself.

At APRIS, our approach to mold is to look at it calm and simple and not get caught up in the fear many in the industry and media have made of it. Simply put, if you know it’s there, eradicate it immediately, and that’s what we do. We remove all in one day with high tech equipment at no additional health risk and at proper EPA standards giving you total peace of mind. Simply understanding the solution is in the time and method you use to remove it, should help set aside the fears of what it is.

We Provide:

  • Professional Mold Testing & Inspections
  • A variety of quality air testing and filtration as needed
  • Complete elimination of the cause and infestation
  • A full line of water & moisture removal & dehumidification