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So You Think You Have A Flood


So you think you have a flood?  Although you may truly have flood and no longer need leak detection, bet it doesn’t feel like the flood in this ship…Imagine having to batten down those hatches! No thanks!!! Although flooding in a massive ship is no comparison to that of a flooded bathroom or sudden pipe burst in a kitchen it really does feel the same in the moment. Anyone who’s experienced a sudden pipe burst in a home knows that squish below your feet, stomach dropping feeling. Although it’s a crazy awful experience, it’s important to keep a perspective and remember, it really can always be worse…again not a sinking ship, but a rough ride no matter when “the tide rises”. Our job at APRIS restore is to make any disaster anywhere in the Corona and Inland Empire area go away. At APRIS, our expert technicians are trained to take away the water restoration problems in anyone’s home or business and make the experience simple and easy with the least amount of stress possible.

With over 20 years of hands-on construction experience, we really do know the inside of a home like a doctor knows a skeleton. This advantage gives us the insight to potentially spot a solution to a slab leak or a broken, leaking pipe so that we can save damaged property so that it doesn’t get worse at the time of your personal disaster.