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The Coolest Mold Among Us


Who would ever think mold could be so cool….”LOOKING? “ If not for a microscopic image, it’s not. The coolest component related to the mold particulate is that it is natural and we all live and breathe among mold spores everyday…. At APRIS dry and restore, we take our job seriously and would rather educate our clients, then scare them into a repair. The cool part of the mold factor is that it’s not a foreign or man-made element. Although totally true- we don’t want to live with it growing in our homes, it’s still a very natural part of nature which we all live with. Mold is a definitive factor in water restoration and abatement, but like everything else, mold needs to be put into perspective as it relates to a slab leak or sudden pipe burst in any restoration project. Mold spores lie dormant until activated by moisture. If the moisture source goes away, the mold dies. The stains stay, but it can become dormant again. Although it can leave a nasty stain, mold in itself is not a problem undisturbed. Disturbed mold spores being moved or torn apart, say on drywall or even a piece of wet clothing, a magazine, or piece of furniture become the bigger problem because the active dry spores float through the air landing on furniture and can even be picked up in AC or forced air systems disbursing beyond point of origination. Understanding how mold works should help eliminate fears of finding it. Here at APRIS, we do all we can to make mold go away with the least invasion possible. Our experts employ just the right amount of air testing and air scrubbing equipment to mitigate spores in any room while keeping it contained. In the event you’d like more information related to mold give our office a call, our techs will be more than happy to help create a plan to mitigate any concerns you have.