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Wind, Rain & Hail
Wind, Rain & Hail
Wind, Rain & Hail

No matter the storm event, storm clean up from surges, hillside side run off, over sized hail can all create a range of damages severe or mild. Many of these events are in fact based in water or moisture related damages specific to our industry, however storm damages can easily create additional types of structural damage requiring a deeper level of construction service and ability. Specifically wind damage can lead to a number of structural issues. The severe winds that cause this damage can even carry harmful objects into your building, creating even more destruction in their path. We provide wind damage repair to counteract all of the problems that this force of nature causes.

As for storm flood damages, once again, these events often create structural damages which require extensive knowledge and experience in building and engineering. Sometimes city officials are involved in the restoration process related to storm events creating an additional need for an experienced company to manage the insurance carriers and the city bureaucracy’s. APRIS has years of this type of hands on experience building hundreds of buildings and dealing with the process.

When it comes to storm damage, we at APRIS have the knowledge and expertise to handle the job and bring our customers the freedom and peace of mind to get back to living.

When it comes to Wind, Rain & Hail restoration, we specialize in the following:

  • We have over 20 years of construction experience
  • We have completely skilled project management experience
  • We build every phase of re-design, construction, landscape and interior design needed to make our customers whole again.